Hey everyone! I made up a tag. A Side-characters Tag to be exact! :D Give your favorite minor peeps some recognition, and have fun! (my channel JacquieVlogsHere)

The Categories:
1. The Comedian: They make ya giggle.
2. The A-hole: They annoy the crap out of you& the main character
3. The Sunken Ship: The love interest that will never be.
4. The Sass Master: All sass all the time.
5. The Sweetheart: They’re SO NICE. You just want to hug them.
6. The Bookish One: They’ve got ALL the facts.
7. The Mysterious One: The hell is the story with this character?
8. The Loyal One: Loyalty is their most prominent quality
9. The Unhinged Minor Villian: Crazy, evil, INSANE!
10. The Self Interested One: Does only what benefits them most.
11. The Plot Twister: Makes you go ” :O ?! “
12. The Mentor: A guide and teacher.
13. The Little Squirt: A little kid that sticks out in your mind.
14. The Loyal Steed: A character’s loyal and awesome pet.
15. The Creepy Beastie: WTF IS THAT THING?! *shivers*